Danish Audio Design


Danish Audio Design was founded several years ago by Ole Nielsen, who had a penchant for digital audio converters for CD players. The years have passed and the company has gone from being a small company in Denmark who only made ​​handmade converters, to an export company with an emphasis on very fine high-end equipment where everything is handmade and attention to detail is paramount.


The company is now called Danish Audio Design I/S and can be recognized by our new logo – the cat that adorns our devices. It is being run by the two Hi-fi geeks Ole Nielsen and Jan Jakobsen, the latter having much experience with inventions and worldwide export.


The two have set a task to make the best of the best in digital audio converters and pre-amplifiers, all of which are handmade to order and pleasing to the ear – they can play music so it’s a real pleasure. The two gentlemen are now in the process of developing their digital audio converter to be state-of -the-art well into the future, and hopefully the one which others measure up against.

Welcome to a world where making something unique, is what drives Danish Audio Design .